Muscle Building Steroids

“All my life I was
playing baseball, basketball, or high school football. I had a good foundation
I was also always lean. When high school ended I wasnt nearly as active as
I had been my whole life, I was into different things like going out and
drinking and meeting girls, this was a chapter in my life that would continue
for the next 7-8 years.

I loved to drink and
smoke and never cared much about what I was eating. At the end of this fun
yet destructive phase of my life I took a good look in the mirror: I was
bloated and didn’t have much muscle I looked like s–t. But I still had that
lean athletic guy inside somewhere.

So, I changed my ways
big time never drinking, no smoking and eating right (ketogenic cycling)
also lifting weights seriously. I never would think ‘oh god I have to go
to the gym’ it is second nature to me, I love it, its just the kid in me
: active. So after about 4 years of hard work I looked great and felt great
and have a really cool girlfriend. I also start doing research on anabolic
steroids, reading and reading about these compounds for about 2 years. You
see I just couldnt get back into real good shape like when I was young and
I regreted that becuase I did it to myself with all the years of neglect.

I looked at steroids
as something if used with respect will make you gain some nice muscle. So
I found some HRT clinic and got a blood test, my T levels were low, doctor
told me it could be from the years of drinking. So I got 200mg of nandrolone
decanate for 10 weeks, injecting the stuff was easy but I remember the 1st
one being really nervous. I approached this drug not thinking ‘im gonna be
a bodybuilder’ it was very much about just putting some wieght on in the
form of muscle and being that im an ectomorph :a little is a lot, and also
to stay lean, and with eating the way I do (ketogenic cycling) it was easy
and eating this way will combat your natural T shut down somewhat.

During the cycle I
felt focused and relaxed and started a new job and also went through some
personal issues that would usually make me angry during this whole period,
but I was very cool about everything, roid rage? I felt fine.

When I was in the
gym it was a different story, I was very intense and stronger than usual.
By the 7th week I looked great. The dosage I was taking was low so I knew
that people wouldnt say ‘are you on steroids?’ but I could see the difference
and I was content with it, I did this very much for myself just to get back
something I lost from neglecting my condition for a few years.

I read studies of
HIV and wasting syndromes and realized that these compounds are safe and
effective , I also dont have HIV or any kind of wasting syndrome but I also
did waste away muscle from drinking and living like an a– for years so I
figured I was sort of in need of these drugs.

My cycle ended 1 month
ago i took HCG for post cycle and kept what I gained I went from 174 to 201
, my legs and butt grew my arms and shoulders and back grew, I looked very
much like I did when I was 18 , my experiment was a success. I have no desire
to do these drugs again, I did it once and I did it right, took all my vitamins
and ate real smart and rested and enjoyed myself. I guess im not like most
people who continue to want to get bigger and bigger, i did this for other
reasons and it worked. Now I just continue to work out rest and eat right
which is as natural as breathing to me.

I experienced no hair
loss or acne or rage or confusion I was focused and relaxed and the end of
the cycle I was a little shutdown and I felt spaced out from my natural T
being low from 10 weeks of deca, but I took HCG and that got the balls working
again and got that spaced out feeling gone, after the HCG my T levels dropped
again which was unerving but i have since recovered and feel fine, the landing
was a little bumpy but I must say again : the experiment was a

Carl Tores